wireless data solutions

About Us

Mobiltex is an electronics design and manufacturing company with a focus on high-quality industrial mobile data systems. Our products can be applied in private systems as well as in public access networks, and are typically custom designed or tailored for the specific application. An emphasis on long-term reliability, ease of use, and product longevity has assisted us in developing a reputation for high quality products in many diverse industries.

Effective wireless communications solutions begin with understanding the needs that must be addressed, particularly the challenges that must be met in the field where equipment must perform reliably, including under adverse conditions and temperature extremes. To that end, there is no substitute for the insight and expertise gained through years of hands-on experience. All our products are built to withstand harsh environments and are subjected to rigorous pre-testing for guaranteed reliability.

Beyond design, we believe that to ensure the consistent quality and performance in the field they must be manufactured in-house. Our wireless communications systems are engineered and manufactured in our own up-to-date facility to assure their quality. That assurance, which extends from concept to development and through to application in the field, and our commitment to support our products for their useful lifetime have allowed our earliest products to remain in use to this day.

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