wireless data solutions

RMU5: Annotated Photos

The number in the yellow circle corresponds to the numbered explanation on the following list: annotated RMU5

  1. Versatile aluminum mounting plate
  2. LED status indicators
  3. Real-time display of analog readings
  4. Communication status
  5. Display Scroll buttons
  6. 4 x 20, backlit high contrast LCD
  7. Local configuration USB port
  8. 4 Analog input channels
  9. Removable terminal block
  10. Multi-stage lightning protection
  11. USB, RS-485, and ethernet ports
  12. Expansion / option port
  13. Additional sensor bus
  14. Pad-lockable quick release latches
  15. Compact NEMA 4X enclosure
  16. Optional 20 channel GPS receiver for precise interruption