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SMC4: Options & Accessories

SMC4 units are available with an AC power input of 90 to 265VAC (model number SMC4B), or a DC power input of 4 to 16VDC for applications where primary power is supplied by alternative sources such as thermoelectric generators or solar (model number SMC4C). There are also a variety of wireless communications options for SMC4, including VHF/UHF narrow band radio, spread spectrum, cellular, and satellite.

ISO8B Eastrack satellite transceiver

The ISO8B is an isolated current shunt developed for use with SMC4 cathodic monitoring and control units. It provides galvanic isolation in excess of 2kV RMS to current measurement channels, and is intended for use in measurement installations where the voltage of the shunt exceeds the +44 to -13V common mode range on the 58mV range of the SMC4. ISO8B units are available in four current measurement ranges: 20A, 30A, 50A, and 110A.