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SMC4: Specifications

Power Supply
SMC4B Power Requirements: Auto-ranging 85 265 VAC, 50 400 Hz, 60W max
SMC4C Power Requirements: 4 16 VDC, 20W max
Battery Backup (SMC4B): 12V @ 2.9 Ahr. Typical 4 hours backup operation c/w automatic charger & automatic low battery disconnect
Battery Backup (SMC4C): 12V @ 7.0 Ahr. Typical 6 hours backup operation c/w automatic charger & automatic low battery disconnect
Analog Inputs
Analog Inputs: 9 - differential, NOTE: Channel 10 is reserved for monitoring the backup battery
Analog Input Ranges: 58mV, 5V, 27.5V, 50V full scale, selectable per input
60Hz Noise Averaging: software selectable per analog input channel
Analog Conversion: 12 bit A/D Converter
Interrupter Mode
On/Off Delays: from 0.1 to 25.5s selectable for each in 0.1s steps
Interrupt Duration: 1 to 200 hours selectable
Synchronization: all interrupters are synced automatically via GPS receiver signals
Off Control: SMCs can be remotely commanded to turn off the rectifier via the interrupter output
Output: current limited +12VDC output to directly drive a low coil current interrupter relay (<0.5A @ 12VDC) or a solid state relay
Interrupt Accuracy: better than 1ms
CSA Aproval
SMC NEMA4 Enclosure: 202038-2500005472
SMC4B Electronics: 202038-2500009933
SMC4C Electronics: 202038-2500009933
Satellite Interface
Interface Signals: +12V Fused, RS232C Transmit and Receive Data, On/Off
Format: 4800 N-8-1, no handshaking
Interface Protocol: Thrane and Thrane Easytrack Transceiver proprietary command-based protocol w/ data reporting
IET1 is the translator between the Iridium system and the EasyTrack system used on the SMC4.
Radio Interface
Signals: push-to-talk, carrier sense, transmit/receive audio, +12V regulated, 12V fused, channel data for internal data radio
Signaling Format: 1200/2400bps Minimum Shift Keying, compatible with Mobiltex CMS network data protocols
Radio Range: typically within 30- to 45-mile radius of tower site, directly dependent on repeater system
Radio Characteristics
Canadian Approval: 737 194 221
FCC Approval: CAST2010-313
Frequency Band: 136 to 174 MHz
Frequency Tolerance: (-30 to +60C / -22 to +140F) 3ppm
Transmitter RF Power: 5W (10 to 25W optional)
Cabinet Heater
Software programmable range: -50 to 0C (default is -20C) / -58 to 32F (default is -4F)
SMC4B (AC version): 12W
SMC4C (TEG version): 5W
Local Computer Interface
RS-232C Signals: transmit data, receive data, clear-to-send, request-to-send
Format: 9600 baud, 8-bits, 1 stop bit, no parity