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Vehicle Monitoring System

Based on experience and input from the Oil & Gas industry users, Mobiltex designed and marketed the first Vehicle Monitoring System (VMS) in 1986. Since its first installation, VMS has become the de facto standard for monitoring personnel that work alone. Mobiltex’s VMS provides the kind of communication excellence needed to efficiently maximize field safety programs.

Several versions of the product have been available since its original introduction, most current among them the LittleBUDDY series.

The VMS automatically monitors field personnel as they work alone and/or around hazardous locations. The system ensures that field personnel maintain regular contact by sending status messages at selected time intervals from the truck-mounted keypad to the VMS Host computer.

Should a field operator fail to make contact in the allotted time, the Host computer sends a warning message to the operator, asking them to update their status. It then waits a further two minutes for the field operator to contact the system. If the operator does not, the Host computer generates an alarm to notify plant personnel so that appropriate action may be taken.

All transactions and alarms are displayed on the VMS monitor and logged to a printer and to the hard disk. LittleBUDDY

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